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Emergency Communications for Public Parking Garages

Many large parking facility operators are updating their old emergency panic buttons and phones to protect against crime and liability.

Aging garage emergency systems typically don't provide any way for security to speak with people, and find out what help is needed. Many just ring a bell and light a strobe in the vicinity of the button--alerts may not reach security at all. Traditional emergency phones and intercom systems do not give security a way to identify the caller's location, and there's no way to remotely monitor their operational status--they have to be frequently tested to check whether they're still working.

With the Metis Secure Emergency Help System:

  • Speak with emergency callers live; the call location is identified automatically.
  • Remotely monitor the real-time operational status of each Help Station, and receive automatic alerts in cases of tampering or other issues.
  • Security patrols can answer emergency calls from ┬áhand-held radios or mobile phones.
  • Send out emergency alerts--and for enclosed garage facilities where carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases are a concern, connect gas detectors and have the system automatically trigger a garage-wide evacuation alert if gas exceeds a given level.
  • Tie into other security and life safety systems--video, access control, IP phones, PA systems, email/text notification services, and many more.