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Confronting the challenges of evacuating people with disabilities

November 5, 2014
Author: Deborah Hayes
Source: Emergency Management

Emergency Management magazine recently featured guidelines for planning emergency evacuations of people with disabilities, in cases where a disaster strikes whole communities. These tips are also useful for emergency managers at colleges and universities, commercial and industrial sites, health care facilities, and K-12 schools.

As the author points out, the two most challenging aspects of evacuation planning--and emergency planning overall--continue to be communications and transportation. For people with disabilities and for the overall population, Metis Secure believes that your emergency alerts and directives must:

  • Broadcast almost instantly, to maximize the time people have to respond and reach safety
  • Break through communication barriers by broadcasting via multiple communications modes
  • Prevent or minimize potential chaos by targeting just the people and locations affected by the emergency

Read the whole article here.