The Best Data Security Software For Your Business

Ensuring data security should be a fundamental business practice for every company to safeguard all the data stored within their organization. Any theft of sensitive information can potentially harm both the business and the clients it serves. Hence, it’s crucial for businesses to identify security vulnerabilities and evaluate existing security mechanisms to determine where security measures can be improved. All departments, from sales to production, should securely store information and consistently update their security measures in response to new threats. Businesses can use several data security software to protect their entire databases, minimize the risk of data breaches and data loss, unauthorized usage, and mitigate any arising issues.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect is a comprehensive suite of security and data management services that includes backups, vulnerability scanning, and data loss prevention. This powerful combination of malware protection and backup services is particularly useful for ransomware protection. Prior to uploading files into the backup repository, each file is thoroughly scanned to prevent infection. With its antimalware capability, this system is adept at identifying and stopping ransomware before it can cause significant damage. It works on both virtual and physical systems, and backups can be stored on other devices onsite or in cloud storage systems. This feature provides quick access to backups and enables rapid restoration of systems in case of physical damage to premises.


CybeReady is a data protection solution that takes a unique approach to addressing the issue of data breaches. Instead of solely focusing on data, the solution recognizes that human error is often the root cause of these incidents. Poor cybersecurity awareness among employees can lead to costly data breaches, making it essential for businesses to prioritize security awareness.
CybeReady also offers a training program to help organizations achieve better data protection through improved security awareness. This program helps transform the security culture within organizations, equipping employees with the knowledge and skills they need to better protect sensitive data. The training solution utilizes machine learning to deliver engaging, relevant, and continuous security awareness training, empowering employees to make better decisions when it comes to data protection. With this solution, businesses can achieve significant improvements in their overall data protection efforts.

Cohesity Data Protect

This solution focuses on data backup and recovery and offers a range of options for businesses to choose from, including combining on-premises hardware and cloud infrastructure or backing up only to the cloud. It is particularly suited for enterprises as it provides instant recovery times for VMs, files, and application objects. This solution combines multiple backup point products into one integrated platform, allowing for simplified management and greater efficiency. It can also eliminate the need for on-premise hardware through the use of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
The platform provides a unified interface to manage and deploy all backup and recovery services across various environments, including the core, edge, and public cloud. Businesses can easily assign policies to one or all jobs globally to automate operations and meet their business SLAs. However, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as basic reports that might not be useful for compliance reporting and compatibility issues with several legacy systems still used by enterprises today.


The theft of data cannot be entirely prevented, but the Eperi Gateway provides a solution to render the stolen data useless and protect individuals from personal liability. This data protection solution offers encryption and tokenization specifically for cloud data, allowing organizations to centrally enforce compliance policies and regulatory requirements. It is best suited for medium-to-large organizations, as it is specifically designed to protect cloud data.

With Eperi, users have complete control over the encryption of their data, without any backdoors. The Eperi Gateway transparently encrypts data without affecting the central functions of the applications, allowing employees to continue working as usual. However, the downside is that it does not cover on-premises data.

Hitachi Vantara Data Protection Suite

The Hitachi Vantara Data Protection Suite is designed to provide comprehensive backup, recovery, and data management solutions to enterprise users. This suite makes use of geo-redundancy and object storage technologies to ensure that your data is secure and easily accessible. However, the solution is complex, which can make it difficult to set up and manage.