The Best Monitoring And Control Software For Your Business

As an organization expands, its workforce, resources, systems, services, and infrastructure also tend to expand considerably. Therefore, each element in the system must function smoothly to keep the IT services up and running. When you use any software, your employees will notice performance problems as soon as they arise. You want to resolve them quickly and find the cause of the issue. This is where Monitoring Software comes in handy in resolving these issues, which may lead to a significant system breakdown. These software monitor the activities of system applications, identify the root cause of performance issues in any software, and provide real-time monitoring to detect errors and service failures.


Atera is an integrated Remote IT Management platform that caters to the needs of MSPs, IT consultants, and IT departments. It is a cloud-based solution that allows for easy access from anywhere, anytime. Atera also allows you to monitor an unlimited number of devices and networks at a flat, affordable rate. Moreover, Atera’s Network Discovery extension can instantly detect unmanaged devices and potential opportunities. It proactively monitors CPU, memory, disk utilization, hardware health, availability, and more. The solution provides automated reports that track and measure customers’ networks, assets, system health, and overall performance. Its fixed pricing for unlimited devices makes it an affordable solution for all IT professionals. You can try Atera risk-free for 30-days and access all the features.


Site24x7 is a monitoring solution based on the cloud that provides a comprehensive service for IT and DevOps teams, with options that suit a variety of company sizes. These options range from startups and small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With Site24x7, users can monitor everything from websites, servers, logs, network devices, and virtualization environments to real-time user experiences. It provides complete monitoring coverage for the entire IT stack, giving full visibility and performance insights. The monitoring solution has both agent-based and agentless capabilities. It also features an automatic fault resolution system for immediate incident remediation and detailed root cause analysis reports. The monitoring suite is secure, scalable, and affordable for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

Datadog Monitoring

Datadog is an effective cloud-based monitoring software that provides a comprehensive view of your application stack, including containers and virtualization platforms. It covers all the necessary security and system monitoring metrics and logs, and you can use the Datadog API to integrate with the rest of your environment. Datadog enables users to gain a clear understanding of system health and efficiently troubleshoot issues through the analysis of logs and metrics. The platform provides users with the ability to search, filter, slice, and analyze logs and metrics to uncover actionable insights. This allows teams to quickly identify the root cause of issues and efficiently resolve them.
Moreover, Datadog automatically detects anomalies and generates intelligent alerts, providing a unified monitoring experience across cloud and on-premises environments. It also visualizes system topology and consolidates customizable dashboards to display key insights about system health, including website frontend, application code, and underlying infrastructure. However, setting up Datadog can be complex, and the learning curve may be steep. Despite these challenges, Datadog remains an excellent monitoring solution.


Spiceworks is a free network monitoring software that is designed for small companies with less than 25 devices. It provides real-time alerts and status updates for critical devices, allowing users to catch problems before they become noticeable. The software also offers free customer support and is now transitioning to the Cloud with a new, lightweight version coming soon. Its dynamic dashboard provides up-to-date network information without clutter.
The software comprises a ping check to confirm the availability and responsiveness of IP-enabled devices. It also features customizable alert thresholds to trigger notifications based on specific conditions. Spiceworks receives positive reviews from customers who find it user-friendly and effective, with a 99% success rate. Overall, Spiceworks is an excellent free tool that is easy to set up and use for small businesses.